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What is an Elevator Pitch Examples for Students

elevator pitch for accountants

Therefore, you need to have practiced your responses to questions about your resume enough that you approach your interviewers with confidence and good eye contact instead of staring at your shoes. Take a look at the position you’re looking to fulfill. What are the qualifications and skills that you need elevator pitch for accountants to make this happen? You can easily do this by logging into job search sites, typing in the job title, and looking at the job descriptions that appear in the listings. Consider adding a final sentence to your elevator pitch to provide additional details that convey something special about your business.

  • Highlight your professional or academic accomplishments, being specific with numbers and statistics when applicable.
  • You must understand what they want and give them the plan to get them there.
  • Half way through an interview with one candidate I told him that I thought he would be better off at a hiring and training company.
  • It’s truly a perfect combination for someone who loves to ask, ask, and ask some more and who always wants to lend a helping hand.
  • They may not be inclined to speak to you again, and that’s why nailing your first impression is so important.

You aren’t expected to fit every service offering or pricing plan into an elevator pitch. Instead, stick to broad strokes and give your prospect an idea of what you do without going into every detail. Keep your pitch somewhere between 20 and 30 seconds to ensure you don’t lose the attention of your potential client along the way. We’ll show you how to weave each of these elements into your accounting and tax elevator pitch next. In an interview setting, you might give your whole pitch at once, but it won’t always be like that. It may turn into a conversation in which you learn about the employer or company while they learn about you. For example, if you know the organization focuses on corporate social responsibility, you should highlight pertinent information about yourself that supports this.

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Below are some elevator pitches you can use to impress potential investors with your idea or business. It’s obviously an overused cliche, but it’s a cliche for a reason. People remember how you make them feel the first time you meet them. Were you sending off unfriendly nonverbal communication cues? They may not be inclined to speak to you again, and that’s why nailing your first impression is so important.

elevator pitch for accountants

Readers should verify statements before relying on them. Remember, the goal of the elevator pitch is not to sell or close the deal, so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. While your elevator speech should be a concise, carefully planned description about your work and/or your firm or company, it should not be a sales pitch.

Rising to the Occasion: How to Master Your Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch in 5 Steps

Depending on what floor you’re going to, not much. That’s why it’s important to have a strong opening and dive right into the point in an elevator pitch. Concisely articulating your business idea or business is hard. It takes significant practice, know-how, and tweaking. Read on to learn more about the elevator pitch in entrepreneurship. I’m passionate about bookkeeping and leveraging it as a tool to help transform people’s lives and businesses.

The examples below work well for new clients because you’re showing that you understand their niche and how you can help them. In entrepreneurship, every person you meet could be a potential customer or know someone who could be—if only they knew what you can offer them. A short and sweet elevator pitch tells the world who you are and what you do—something you could say in an elevator ride. When someone asks me what I do, I share openly and to the point because I know that I help accounting professionals learn how to sell with confidence and without being pushy. The content you include in your pitch and your goals for delivering it should vary by situation. “Your elevator pitch is going to evolve depending on the setting and your purpose for using it,” Moffett said. In a vividly open and honest essay entitled Hitting Rock Bottom, Jess shares with you the personal story of her incredibly intense life and business experiences during 2007, 2008, and 2009.

Sample Accounting and Tax Elevator Pitch

Though that person may not be a hiring manager, you can still deliver an elevator pitch, Moffett said. “Using your elevator pitch in that situation can allow you to establish rapport and build a longer term relationship, which could lead to a professional referral in the future,” she said. All the same guidelines apply when it comes to a virtual elevator pitch. You may have an opportunity to give an elevator speech in a virtual career fair, a job interview over Zoom, or during a networking event.

  • I was working on a project I’m particularly proud of as VP of finance for a company where the drivers were charging a lot of overtime and eating up company profits.
  • Thankfully, there are ways to make it less difficult.
  • Although it might seem scary or uncomfortable to talk about your business in this way, it’s really not that different from what you probably do already in a variety of ways.
  • I’m a lawyer with the government, based out of D.C.
  • An elevator pitch is a brief introduction or summary of your professional experience that you share with others to highlight your accomplishments.
  • It was great seeing you at the event last week, and thank you for the ideas on more examples that would be helpful.

I ask a lot of questions and I am passionate about helping people. One of those case studies was Jessica Reagan Salzman’s. You can learn more about this amazing book that Jess is honored to be a part of by visiting I’m trying to come up with a catch elevator pitch for a fast food restaurant.

Developing your entrepreneur elevator pitch: 5 steps

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This will enable you to make the necessary adjustments in advance. “You have to be able to just be in the conversation and just let it happen .” If you’re too rehearsed, you might lose your train of thought if the person you’re speaking to interrupts with a question. You should also avoid anything too personal in your pitch. You want to stay professional, so Chapman recommends avoiding hobbies and interests. This is a reference guide that holds all of the marketing messaging for your firm. Essentially, the same 6 or 7 sound bites can be used to build into all of your collateral.

Although you should be able to deliver your elevator pitch in a short amount of time, it can take a long time to write and perfect it. You can probably talk easily and passionately at length about what you do. When you’re deeply involved in the business and understand all the nuances, it can be hard to boil it down to two or three sentences. Here are the essential elements to include in a good elevator pitch as well as some elevator pitch examples.

Can you ask questions in an elevator pitch?

– SHOULD I ASK A QUESTION DURING MY PITCH? The short answer is absolutely engage your audience! The longer answer is this, make sure that you use the data you receive from your question in your Pitch.

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