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Wondering how to create my own app?

Would your company benefit from having a custom iPhone / Android app available? Would you like to learn about the process to have your own app to help boost your business in many ways? If you are interested in your own completely custom App created then Stamped Media Group would be the perfect company to call “(404)-358-2765)” or email “”. We are excited to announce the release of an amazing app that is available in the Google Play store and also the Apple App Store. That means The App is compatible with Android OS and iOS (iPhone Operating System). Stamped Media Group have can also design a website that’s works just like the custom app so don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions and want to learn more about the process. If you have the time download the app and check it out. You can search “H.E.A.L App“ on your phone find the app we helped create. Or you can just click the link below and it will take you directly to the app.

Google Play       Apple Store 

The H.E.A.L App was created by Dr. LaShonda Lane-Gammell, the Founder of HEAL ( HEAL is an acronym that encourages individuals to holistically, evolve, align, and live.  The H.E.A.L App integrates mental health and spirituality using the Bible as a foundation. It promotes spiritual growth using a holistic approach to address issues of the mind, body, and spirit.  The app walks with you on your healing journey by providing access to informational videos that provide in depth discussions and explanations of the various ways you can identify and conquer mental health and spiritual issues. You can also engage in conversations about your issues through direct messaging, group chats, and video chat with H.E.A.L certified coaches. Coaches have been trained and have experience in providing insight  that can help get a person on the right track. Coaches guide individuals in developing a mindset that will help them overcome any issues that are preventing them from reaching their highest potential. H.E.A.L is dedicated to providing a platform that will support those on a journey to heal and grow spiritually. If you or anyone you know wants to gain knowledge about mental health and spiritual issues this is the app to use. In app purchases allow access to all services and the ability to buy or use H.E.A.L points to get items that promote H.E.A.Ling. If you would like to support a small business you should make a purchase on our website

Google Play    Apple Store

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